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Product quality must be guaranteed

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Cutting-edge beauty became popular overnight and quickly opened up the market, becoming the target that many domestic brands look up to. However, this speed of development has also caused the market to gradually become impetuous.On platforms such as Xiaohongshu and Douyin, some beauty bloggers pointed out that some products are not easy to use in […]

Innovation is also a good motivation

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In 2017, the perfect diary was born. In just two years, the parent company achieved sales of 3.5 billion yuan. In the same year that Perfect Diary was established, Huaxizi was born. In the same two years, its annual sales on Tmall reached nearly 2 billion yuan. In this year’s Tmall 618 cosmetics brand TOP10, […]

Blindly imitating does not promote brand development

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About five years ago, Guo Xianger’er discovered when she first became a beauty blogger that few beauty bloggers used domestic beauty products.Now only a few years later, she has seen that most beauty bloggers have a few domestic products. In her own videos, domestic brands appear in almost every issue. In particular, as my country […]

Continuous learning is the guarantee of success

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The beauty industry, especially the beauty service industry, has not always been the preferred field of employment for the highly educated people for many reasons. Therefore, there are two phenomena in the industry. The first is that industry practitioners generally have relatively low cultural education, and the average proportion of people with a college degree […]

Marketing strategy is an important part

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A few years ago, it was difficult to find Chinese brands in the world’s mid-to-high-end cosmetics market, and most of my country’s cosmetics market was dominated by brands such as the United States, Japan, and South Korea. However, with the emergence and growth of domestic beauty players, this phenomenon has been reversed From the large-scale […]

Promote brand influence

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Not only is the product extremely involved, but the strong marketing attributes of the beauty industry also make traffic the lifeline of the product.“If you have been exposed to cosmetics for a long time, you will see a lot of helplessness. Those who have money to promote are uncles. Standing at the top of the […]

Take into account product and service experience

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Users have the habit of buying international brands and may consume them at any time. However, for domestic products, if consumers do not buy them today, they may not actively buy them in the future. In addition, domestic brands have low prices and low cost of trial and error for consumers, which also provides brands […]

Precipitating the brand image is also very important

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Therefore, in the last stage, content marketing did not actually involve any relationship, and the platform that does interest recommendation cannot do the relationship. We did not see that the social group of an information culture platform developed particularly well. In the next stage, whether it is on station B, video account or WeChat, more […]

The greatest possible grasp of traffic thinking

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When you sell goods with traffic thinking, your business is easy to make money. But only if you are in a relationship, and the business becomes a business form, can it be more sustainable. Regardless of whether the relationship is between you and your partner or between you and your users, when your relationship produces […]

To form a consensus in a local space

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Brands are constantly looking for ways to create value throughout the entire stage, and then they are formed through two things. The so-called brand, one comes from “Pin” and the other comes from “Brand”. All brands are realized with product as the core communication channel. Therefore, the marketing part of the brand is through product […]

Continuously identify problems in society and user groups

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In fact, the issue of value creation is difficult, because it often changes. A style can form value, but a style is not necessarily a value. What value are you creating? Behind this incident is an insight into a social stage and crowd. You have to get insight into the problem he is facing. Through […]

Create value and spread it with the least social resources

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F: Personally, I think the makeup industry is a bit like a talk show. As a well-known actor, you have to tell jokes. If the jokes are not good, the audience must be unhappy. Second, the essence of branding is how you create value and spread it with the least social resources. The less social […]

Build and manage relationships with consumers

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Consumers may have seen a TikTok video and searched it on Baidu. If you are more expensive, they may look at your ICU and PR construction department. Immediately after linking to the Tmall page, everyone will see if the information you express is consistent from the inside to the outside. But in fact, at this […]

Aesthetic concept to prove oneself

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So when we collaborated, we not only printed the master’s paintings on the packaging box, but also found a French perfumer and made a water lily scented mouthwash. In this way, from your taste recognition, to your taste, and then back to the fresh positioning of the product itself, a comprehensive fit has been reached. […]

Brand co-branding is also a good way

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Brand co-branding should choose a boundary line and refuse to be self-heavyH: Take the brand we made. When communicating about the electric toothbrush product, all the brands were talking about how powerful my technology is and how good the effect behind it is. But in the end, we found that it is actually very difficult […]

With some other products

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For the group of customers who have entered the live broadcast room, we do not directly make profit, but can match some other products in disguise. L’Oreal is best at Lancome small black bottles. They usually sell a 30ml bottle in the store. Daily and big promotions are basically matched with small samples as gifts. […]

Committed to brand building

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You are indeed a celebrity salesperson, you just sell this brand and sell well. In fact, this is equivalent to using live broadcast as a channel for brand output. Whether it is on Tmall, Taobao or, there is always a salesperson facing the whole country standing in your store. For new brands like us, […]

Brand live broadcast is also a good way

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Moreover, MCN agencies used to conduct celebrity live broadcasts through call auctions, which is equivalent to doing it in a cost-effective manner, but they have gradually realized that the brand side is not willing to do this. So they started to output some unfamiliar anchors but with very good skills, and directly broadcast for your […]

Consider from the long-term construction value of the brand itself

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I think that from 2020 to 2021, capital will continue to pay attention to the consumer goods market, because the back end has a very clear high exit multiple, so this market should not be short of money. If there is no shortage of money, in fact, it will eventually come down to whether I […]

Rely on internal organization, and then have a set of data tools, continue to iterate

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Of course, the person who is found at the beginning may not be effective immediately. The boss has to decide whether to wait or change immediately. So I think that to solve the so-called hand feel problem, it actually depends on data, tools, and organization. I just mentioned the balance between investment efficiency and time […]